Labh Ingredients is a company founded by a dedicated team of expert professionals having rich & over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing hydrocolloid powder ingredients used in manufacture of foods, pharmaceuticals, premixes, mixtures, cosmetics, nutraceuticals & other industrial products.

Our hydrocolloid powders are handled in our facility that is specially designed & operated as per GMP norms. Our works have state of the art Air Handling Systems, Quality Control Laboratory, manufacturing equipment’s made of SS 316L, dedicated Raw Material, Packing Material & Finished Product Storage areas. This enables us to build-in quality in our products.

Our technical & sales team is committed to providing high-quality ingredients and services to its customers. We additionally contribute significantly to ingredient innovation through constant research & development & offer custom solutions across all sectors.

For achieving & maintaining best quality of our products, we follow standards of ISO 9001:2018, ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 14001-2015 management system as well as HACCP guidelines. We have a Food Safety Management System in place.

Labh Ingredients offers you :
Guaranteed best quality ingredients
Solutions for perfect results
Increased business value to customers & their sales growth
Stable, long-term supplies at competitive rates – saving time & money
Research & Development support for overcoming technical challenges.
Excellent customer service & logistical support
Benefit to your end consumer, underscoring our commitment to the broader societal well-being.

We invite you to give us a chance to serve you and look forward to receiving your valued inquiries, however small or large they maybe.

E-mail : sales@labhingredients.com



Our company's MISSION is to furnish customers with high-quality, cost-effective, and customized food ingredients while ensuring timely delivery. We offer unparalleled support in terms of information and application, empowering customers to optimize their production processes. We prioritize the cultivation of enduring business partnerships based on mutual trust and collaboration.



Labh Ingredients aspires to emerge as a premier supplier of top-tier food ingredients, offering reliability and ease of purchase to our customers. By facilitating the production of food items, we aim to contribute to the overall health and well-being of society.



We respect customers, nature, environment as well as ensure safety of our products. We diligently & dedicatedly pursue efforts for maintain quality.

Our Philosophy :