VGEL Prime

A Stabilizer & Emulsifier

VGEL Prime is a colorless pre-mixed powder blend powder that is used in the manufacture of high & medium fat ice creams & frozen desserts.

VGEL Prime is a stabilizer that has a balanced blend of finest quality of special emulsifiers, cellulose derivatives & natural gums which are compatible & are GRAS.

VGEL Prime helps to improve the texture and quality of ice-cream and frozen dessert. It does so by increasing the viscosity of the mix, which means making it thicker and smoother. A higher viscosity also helps to prevent ice crystals from growing, which can make the product coarse & icy. VGEL Prime also helps to slow down the melting of the product & retain its shape for a longer time.

VGEL Prime

VGEL Prime

Unique properties imparted by VGEL Prime
  • Enhancement of creaminess
  • Providing smooth texture, softness & visual appeal
  • Suppressing ice crystal formation
  • Controlling melting & defrosting
  • Imparting desired viscosity to the ice cream mix from pasteurization till aging.
Composition of VGEL Prime

INS 471, INS 412, INS 415, INS 466, INS 407

Directions for use
Type of product % dosage of total batch quantity Suggestions
High fat ice cream 0.39 VGEL Prime is mixed with a small quantity of sugar & is added to the mix at 60-65°C. However, individual products may require slight adjustments of dosage & temperature.
Medium fat ice cream 0.41
Frozen dessert (Medium fat) 0.42